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Youth I/O

In collaboration with (Reem) Mrinmoyee Ghose

Special thanks to our co-creator

about work

The intention of the Interactive Objects for Children project was to create a primarily wooden interactive object for a child between the ages of 5-9 years old with the aid of a child co-creator while following the ethical participant research guidelines. Youth I/O’s Jelly Sack game was created to fill the needs of children confined to indoor spaces for long periods of time either with or without the accompaniment of another child or player. This variation on a hacky sack game allows the child to create a game to their liking; by altering difficulty levels, changing game play, allowing for adjustable player limits, and ultimately entertaining while promoting decision making and improving hand eye coordination. A simple set of easy to assemble wooden/plexiglass parts and a two part card deck, with rice sack bags, fit into a single storage bag for easy portability and storage.


Varying fun jellyfish shapes with different sized target goals create variety and altering difficulty levels. Goals of having the bag touch, land on, or go through the targets also give added variety.

close up joint explanation with

Easy assembly is done by connecting larger dowels to each other and base using small dowels and plexiglass outer sleeves. Wooden target goals can be added to a section by placement on top of a plexiglass outer section by placing small wooden washers on either side. Targets can be placed at varying heights and turned to face different directions. 

In Bag:
3 Base feet
6 Wide long dowels
6 Plexiglass sleeves
6 Wooden targets
11 Wooden washers
1 Wooden top cap
1 pack of cards

Concepts were generated based on communications with the co-creator. Further refinement was again made after additional meetings and further discussion. The finalized design was reviewed with co-creator and peers. Interactions with product were observed and noted.

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