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Special thanks to Dodman Upholstering Ltd., and my teachers Sophie Gaur, Scott Staniland, and Keith Doyle

about work

Initial intentions were to create a discussion among the public about chemical exposure through upholstered furniture and the effects of such on life. Furniture plays a huge impact on daily life. It is used as a comfort space, for production, for play, for lounging, for entertaining, for time with friends, and family. Overall, a lot of time is spent in living room spaces and as such it would be advantageous to be a chemical free environment.

Raw Furniture approaches the current social issues of today with confidence that it can move toward overcoming them by re-evaluating, assessing and moving forward. By exploring local natural materials that are petroleum free as alternative options for upholstered furniture we can change how this product can impact our future.


It isn’t about making something completely new, it’s about reevaluating how we currently create, interact and how it affects the world around us

In a world where petrochemicals are ubiquitous it would be nice to find a space where the body and mind can retreat from its consequences. Raw Furniture provides this. It is the sanctuary built for you to feel safe, comforted, protected; a place to relax.


Image above: Safe alternative stuffing made of burlap, straw and cotton thread

Creates easy conversation area thru open design
Can be used against or away from a wall due to mid-range height
Provides comfort and child safety through the use of softened corners
Can seat 3 people with ease while still having a smaller footprint than most other 3 seaters
24 inches wide per person for sitting room
Made so the average person can have their feet touch the floor and not cause the legs to dangle
Thick cushions are more flexible towards a wider user height range as they can compress
Space from floor to couch allows for ease of cleaning under it
The lower base frame creates the appearance of a much larger couch through the use of the oversized stitched edge, but actually takes up less space than an average couch packaging
Has an angular design to create interest and allows for deeper flexion in the springs when in use
Is wide and long enough for most to sleep comfortably

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