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Hexa Box

In collaboration with Gabriel Ching & Walrus

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As the sugar bowl becomes less common in retail stores providing an item that can be used as one while still retaining its use for other intentions becomes needed. Taking in consideration the angle of the wrist while the user is in a non-neutral position should also be considered. Through identifying key aesthetic brand features and ergonomic considerations the Hexa Box was created. This box design considers users ease of use and multi-use function as a small household item.

Hexa box open1.jpg
hexa boxes1.jpg

Hexa Box; simple, refined, functional, yet playful.

An object to be admired and used.

Early iterations:


A study was conducted to explore the Hexa Box in comparison to a sugar bowl and small container to show examples of how to provide multi-use while considering wrist ergonomics in the design practice.

The key intentions of this study were to:
To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Hexa Box against comparative items
To rate its use as a sugar bowl against a sugar bowl 
To rate its use as a small storage container against a small storage container 
To identify its level of functionality in such uses
To test in relation to wrist neutrality (flexion/extension/supination/pronation)
To identify if there is a correlation between hand size and function effectiveness
To identify how the user feels about the Hexa Box in comparison to its rivals



5 out of 6 users found the feel of the wood of the Hexa Box to be more appealing
The opening of the Hexa Box was found to create easier access to inner storage
The angle of the Hexa Box provided better flexion
The sugar bowl was found to be too small and slippery in comparison
The small container was found to have less assumed value


Box: Hexa Box (Pale Orange color)

When it came to the two separate specialty activities that the Hexa Box was intended to join of both the sugar bowl and small container, it well outperformed each. This chart demonstrates by what extent.

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