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Waning Moon Shelter

In collaboration with Ricardo Lujan Peschard

about work

The intention of this project was to create a working environment for lounging, doing school work, and other activities in. It was meant to provide the user a comfortable space they can be alone in or turn into a social area if needed. Using spatial design to create these areas using the open spaces in the school works as an aid to meet the needs of the students and faculty within Emily Carr University. By bringing in tent-like structures and through the use of natural materials such as hemp and local woods, the inner space of each moon tent connects us to the land and reflects the acknowledgement of the human environmental impact upon it while trying to minimize it.

DSC09574 spacial design 2nd a.jpg

Image above: Testing size of crescent shaped table in tent space.

We considered different forms of interaction through the use of simple full scale paper sit-ins.


Image above: Testing how user might approach setting.

sketch120180201 cropped 1a.jpg

Early sketches of possible design directions

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