Curriculum Vitae


Shayna Pollock, (b., Manitoba, Canada) |


Shayna Pollock is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist and Emily Carr University of Art & Design graduate. As a Métis person and as someone living with a multiple chemical sensitivity, the materials and art forms used in her work integrate intimate experiences and views from her life with art. These seep in while she plays with perception, expresses views on societal constructs, explores notions of self and what it means to live in and be part of the world. The materials that she uses in her works are endless and always changing depending on circumstances; photography, light, water, clay, glass, metal, vinyl, paper, fabric, electronics and various other mediums are used to create a visual dialogue. She feels to create art is a way to speak, express, explore, engage, and understand an experience as a whole. Captivated with how extensive expression through photography can be, she is currently looking to advance her career as an artist and photographer. 




Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Bachelor of Design


Studied under:

Birthe Piontek

Patryk Stasieczek

Sophie Gaur

Peter Bussigel

Julie York


Artist Residencies


RBC Emerging Artist, Theatre Projects Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB


Group Exhibitions


Chautauqua: The Interlake Trail Tour for Theatre Projects Manitoba, Various Locations, MB


The Difference Between Something and Nothing, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC

When Overlapping Realities Merge, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC


Momentary Sound, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC


Layered, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC

Cute Clay Food Project, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC




Lecturer, Product Photography Virtual Workshop, Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School, Selkirk, MB