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Wave/Heart Clothing


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80’s inspired Vaporwave-esk clothing set.  This set consists of a dressed up fun, low backed, punk tank top combined with a high front bunched skirt with draping back. This set can be matched with the sparkle vinyl high back underbust corset with straps to add a different take. Both skirt and tank top mimic each other with the angle of the curve in the back.

IMG_20160201_233905 dress lr2.jpg
IMG_20160201_232721 dress alt.jpg

Tank top is made out of black stretch velvet and has a built in bra, with a peek-a-boo front heart shaped cut out with a stitched in pink velvet heart. The backside of the top follows the curves in the waist down the back to a low dip with straps following the very edge of the arms, a singular strap crosses the upper back to keep straps in place. 

The skirt comes in both black and pink and it is made out of a thick taffeta fabric folded in on itself to create a seamless edge where a hem would normally be. The elevation of the front of the skirt subtly runs downward on the sides to a rounded longer back trail. 

The corset embraces the edgy shaped boning lines along the hip that resemble laser beams shooting out from the sides going toward the center. The vinyl fabric is embraced with a clean cut to finish off the edges, a gradual taper down towards the middle bottom finishes off the bottom front and a full back with center zipper completes the back. The under bust shape allows the shirt underneath to be accented.

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