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silver chair

Upholstery only

about work

The intention of Silver Chair was to embrace parts of the chairs former glory but bring in a modern more simplified feel. By keeping it as a crushed velvet, the general shape and the fullness of the original chair the personality can still be partially kept. By removing the piping and by altering the way the backrest and the base was applied simplicity was obtained. Prior to being redone, the base had a very boxy feel and the backrest was sloppy because of the use of metal tack strips. As an additional aesthetic choice, canvas was used on the underside between the serpentine or zig zag springs and the foam. 

DSC07341 chair1 lr.jpg
DSC07344 chair2 lr.jpg

Silver Chair gives a retro feel to a room and appreciation for the past while being able to blend with modern furniture

Added value can be obtained  through small finishing options such as the showing of clean springs with canvas or well fitting, fitted fabric outer housing.

DSC07376 chair underside lr.jpg
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