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Dinnerware set


about work

The Dinnerware Set is a handmade set of pottery pieces for food use and serving purposes. It was created using mostly pinch pot techniques that allow the user to feel the pressed in spots in the clay, thus allowing the user to feel connected to each dish or container. The inside of each item remains smooth and consistent to allow for a fine dining experience as does the base of each type. A silky finish over both the outer and inner sides signed with an artist's stamp on the bottom of each provides further aesthetic value and a signature look of refinement that combines a raw, unadorned, simplistic practicality.

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In a world with a highly commercialized food industry the connection between food and consumer can be lost. By providing a reminder that what we eat comes from the earth around us and that someone had to care for it I hope a new appreciation and understanding will emerge.

Each set consists of:

4 small plates

4 large plates

4 bowls

3 large nesting serving bowls


Image above: Bowl made by pressing thumb into the center of the clay and outwards

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