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We built this world

Modelling done by (Reem) Mrinmoyee Ghose

about work

Through creating attire and using a stand-in object in her models hands Pollock responded through portraiture to Romina Ressia’s “The Age of Decadence” series. She directed her model (Reem) Mrinmoyee Ghose to pose in a more assertive manner getting her to play with the object in a variety of ways. The lighting created harsh shadows to play on power dynamics. She used a singular frontal light off to one side and a low leveled back-light to get the desired effect.


Photos were taken with a Sony 6300 mirrorless digital camera, using ISO 400, f/7.1, 84mm for 1/10 second. Taking these images to Adobe Photoshop she combined and altered them with other images she had taken to create the narrative based collection.


Image above: Preparing the studio to do the photoshoot

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