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about work

Exploring how Pollock saw the world in relation to the past, specifically as described, “this perfect moment when the sun was setting and it’s slivers of orange light cast through the blinds on the wall” she sought out to capture the experience in a shareable form. Seeing this experience as the play between a good memory but a haunting one, between belonging and not, and something that is there but isn’t and shouldn’t be, it fascinated her how a moment in the past can shape the way you see things in the future. To her it was a look into the way you act or react based on it, and how it can be seen overlapping reality in one's mind.

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To capture this she brought artificial lighting into the outdoors through the use of a large LED lighting rig. This was made up of a single large barn doored Ikan LED light on a stand set to 5000K with a laser cut housing (a cardboard cutout in the shape of the lines that would be cast from the blinds) taped to a box that then fit over the light. This was done to limit the way the light was cast and the amount of light that was cast into the outdoor surroundings. She then used a digital camera on a mini stand and focused it on the subject matter. Creating the long exposure, she let it sit in place for a period of time and then would quickly take the camera towards the lighting rig to capture the light for less than a second. This was all done as one single long exposure, which gave it its unpredictable nature. Version 1 was taken in Byrne Creek Ravine Park, of a tree and the trail with a Sony 6300 mirrorless digital camera, using ISO 100, f/5.6, 26mm for 15 seconds.


Image above: Camera is positioned on the tree truck and the lighting is facing toward it.

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